This Week's Music History Highlights...


This Week In Music History...

February 10th : 2008, Amy Winehouse won 5 prizes at this year's Grammy Awards, including song of the year and record of the year, both for her single 'Rehab', and best new artist. 

February 11th : 1963, In less than ten hours, The Beatles recorded 10 songs for their 1st album plus 4 other tracks which would be the next 2 singles.  John Lennon's vocal on The Isley Brothers 'Twist & Shout' was done in 1 take.

1964, The Beatles made their live concert debut in the US at the Washington Coliseum.  Over 350 police surrounded the stage to keep 8,000+ screaming fans in control.  They stopped 3 times to turn Ringo's drum kit and re-position their microphones so that they faced a different part of the audience

February 12th : 1977, Pink Floyd released their tenth studio album Animals in the US, where it reached No.3 in the charts.

February 13th  : 1970, On this day, Black Sabbath released their debut self-titled album in the UK.  Hitting #8 on the charts and has been recognized as the 1st album to be credited with the development of the heavy metal genre.

February 14th : 1986, Frank Zappa appeared on an episode of the television series Miami Vice.  Zappa portrayed a crime boss named 'Mr. Frankie.'

February 15th : 2000, Sting pulled-out of a concert in Vienna in protest of the inclusion of Jorg Haider's far right freedom party in Austria's government.

February 16th: 1991, The Simpsons were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Do The Bartman'. The song was written by Michael Jackson and Bryan Lorenand, The Simpsons became the first cartoon characters to make No.1 since the Archies hit "Sugar Sugar' in 1969.  Jackson was a massive fan of The Simpsons and had called the producers one night offering to write Bart a number one single and do a guest spot on the show.